How to Survive Your First Deployment

I decided to join the military straight out of high school. I figured this would be the best bet for me. I was afraid to go away to college because FRANKLY, I was over school. My parents gave me a few days to consider whether I wanted to go away to college (before you say [...]

“Proceeding Sir” 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Joining the Military

"Oh the joys of basic training."Never in my wildest dreams did I know I would return back to Lackland AFB (Now Joint Base San Antonio [JSBA-San Antonio]). Crazy! I went to basic training on November 13, 2001. We were still dealing with the aftermath of September 11th, and teenage Danielle was still trying to figure [...]

How to Make it Through Your Family Photoshoot

It's that time of year again...FAMILY PICTURES! I'm excited...the boys...not so much. Every year, we get with our photographer to schedule family pictures. We use to just schedule them primarily in the spring/summer seasons, but in reality, we were cutting little man out of turning "one year older." One year, we just couldn't get the [...]