Hey Loc Friends! In today’s blog post, I wanted to share (and document) a drastic decision I recently made. Are you ready for it? I cut my locs! Before you gasp, it is not as drastic as you may think. Let’s just go ahead and clear the air before people start asking crazy questions.

Why I cut my locs?

I decided to cut my locs INTO A STYLE a few days ago because I was unhappy with my progress. I have only been on my loc journey for 13 months, but I have been maintaining locs regularly for almost three years. So, I think I know a thing or two about loc maintenance. Anywho, I made this decision because of two life-changing events: wearing buns daily and uneven hair length throughout my head.

my hair prior to the drastic cut

Wearing Buns

At the mark of my loc anniversary, I had noticed that my length required me to have to wear my hair up off my collar when in uniform. This is not a big issue to people with longer locs, but with me only having the “bare minimum” length, my buns were a bit tighter due to my short locs. This caused my locs to become extremely weak at the roots. In my opinion, it gave my locs a sad look when I would wear them down on the weekends.

Uneven Lengths

Like I mentioned in my “How to Start Your Own Locs” blog post, I could not wait to lock my hair! What I failed to consider is that I should have cut my hair into a symmetrical style. This is the root cause of my dissatisfaction. Jumping in and starting the lock process without considering how I wanted my hair to look as my locs matured resulted in my hair being lopsided.


To solve these issues, I went and had my locs professionally cut into a style. Am I in love with it completely? HELL NO! All my length is gone! However, I have a certain way I want my hair to look as it grows longer. To ease my awkwardness, I compared my current cut to previous pictures I took, and I am back at the stage I was at 6 months. It is a bit weird because all of my length is gone, but I am not going to lie… 🎵“I’M FEELING MYSELF”🎵 because I know what is to come.

my hair length at 6 months (Dec 18)

My hair now

In the end, when you start your loc journey, remember to have your desired look of how you want your locs to look when they grow and mature. Use my impulse actions as a reminder, so you will not have any setbacks.


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