Hey! I’m Danielle, and this is LaDerrick. We make up LOC’D 2GETHER! We are a military couple who has been dealing with the ins and outs of military-life for almost 18 years. Here is a bit more about us:

Together, we both are the parents to two beautiful boys, Teheran and Tayvian, who continuously keep us on our toes. Additionally, we are both on our own loc journeys. I have just started my journey, June 2018, while LaDerrick has had his locs since September 2016.

Here is a bit more about us separately


I am a Carolina Girl…North Carolina, that is. Born, and semi-raised! Haha! Additionally, I lived a better half of my life in Central Texas. I am currently serving in the Mississippi National Guard as a TSgt/E6 in Occupational Safety. I have 18 years of service under my belt (8 years active duty, 8 years reserve duty, and 2 years and counting in the guard status). SN: I am the serving military member in the relationship. I am a HUGE crafter! Let me correct that. I love to document and create things. Whether it is a vlog or a scrapbook layout, I’m here for it! Lastly, my secret obsessions are coffee, Netflix, and Hulu.


I am Bama through and through. I no longer serve in the military, but I proudly served for six years as an Aircraft Structural Maintenance Craftsman (aka Sheet Metal) where I fixed any issues that came cosmetic issues that arose on the aircraft. Ironically, now I flipped to the other side of the spectrum, serving as a medical assistant. Lastly, as you probably could guess, I am a HUGE Alabama fan. ROLL TIDE!